Saturday, February 19, 2011


I started my day off by sneaking out of a sleeping house at 7am for a 5 mile run with my neighbor, Jen. I think our love of running was found together. One day, we were standing out in our front lawns talking, and I had known that she had started running, as had I. So I just threw out - hey, want to run a half marathon? She shrugged her shoulders and said "sure". And that was the start of many 5am training runs. It was so great to share that experience of training and running 13.1 miles with her. Something that I know we both won't forget. She has since quickly passed me in speed and physical fitness, and our busy schedules don't lend for too many runs together these days. There is something you can't describe about moments spent, in the early morning fog, catching up with a friend, between quick breaths. Its more than just having coffee, or dinner together. There's a bit of an unspoken bond. If you've never experienced it, I suggest you put that on your bucket list.

Then, as we were walking back to our houses, after our cool down, I ran into Andy with the van full of pajama clad, sleepy eyed kids who were off to pick up donuts.

My perfect Saturday morning. A run, donuts, and the people in my life I love.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Every 6 Weeks

Every 6 weeks, like clockwork, I get to do something I love. Are you dying to know what it is....?
Its getting my hair done. I'm actually growing it out. But due to being in slight denial regarding my age, I have to get it colored. But the process I don't mind. It means I get to sit in a chair for and hour and a half and do nothing. No one has any expectations of me for a solid hour and a half, but to sit and be still.

And then there's my hairdresser, Kerrie. What is it with the hairdressers? I know that famous people usually spill all their secrets to their hairdressers (does that term date me, "hairdresser"? as much as my grey hair, I'm afraid. I'll use stylist from here on out). Anyway, the "stars" all dish to their hair stylists. And I must say, I find myself doing the same. Sitting in that chair, whether she wants to hear it or not, she's going to get the good, bad, and ugly of my day. And the best thing about Kerrie, is that she always listens. I don't know if she rolls her eyes when I come in, but she acts like she cares, and even offers up some wisdom. And its good wisdom!

Everyone needs a hair stylist like Kerrie. Its the cheapest therapy there is. I need to get her a gift.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A glimpse

If there was a person who wanted just one glimpse of my family, that would tell them a lot about what each personality encompases, here it is. Keep in mind, what you read below is happening simultaneously.

At TJMaxx:

me: trying desperately to find that perfectly priced/style of top for work.
Andy: asking me a question about the socks I bought him for Christmas and wants to return/exchange.
Zak: pushing the cart waaaayyy too fast
Paige: standing in front of the mirror, singing and swishing her hips
Rene': riding in the cart Zak is pushing, with her hand out, knocking down the displays as they go by.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I think I might have a post titled this every month. Does that say something about me? There was this time, not so long ago, that I used to get up and run at 445 in the morning. I'd have to say, I was highly motivated when I did that. Today, I'm pretty sure there's not anything short of a vacation that would get me out of bed at 445.

At Thanksgiving, we went to Colorado to spend it with Andy's family. I had this brilliant idea that all my brothers and sisters in law should come down to Oklahoma and run the Memorial Half Marathon with Andy and I at the beginning of May. I had visions of us all at the starting line, wearing our matching tshirts, ipods in, ready to make a memory. So I pumped them all up, told them I'd send them the training plan, and promised a good time. Well, 2 of the sisters in law have since gotten pregnant, so their out. But Andy's brothers are in. Now here we are, on the other side of 2 weeks with snow on the ground, and my motivation to get on the treadmill at work is nonexistent. Week 1 of my training plan went well. Week 2 which included snowstorm #1, ended with me completing one day of a brutal mental battle on the treadmill. And now we're at week 3. Its looking a lot like week 2.

I'm a girl who doesn't like to miss a party. Especially one that I've planned. It looks as though I've got a motivation problem. Now. What to do to fix it.

But I'm the one who had this bright idea. It somehow seems cruel that I'm not on board.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rene' turns 4

We celebrated this little one's 4th birthday this weekend. I can not believe my youngest is 4. I feel like I barely remember her "babyhood" and it makes me sad, yet I am so loving having conversations with her.
Andy's parents in are in town from Colorado and we had a nice family party with grandparents, cousins, and aunts. I hope everyone had as good a time as I did.
I believe family is the most complicated of relationships to navigate in this world. You are bound to people by blood, and shared experiences maintain the bond. But here's the hard part. Its not always pleasant. We get older, become our own person, and don't always share the same ideas. And then we get mad because they don't. Yet I looked around the room and saw people who I'm not always happy with, and have no doubt made my angry, there to support and love my child. I love that my girls feel comfortable on my husband's aunt's lap, while listening to a story. I love that my kids were making memories with their cousins, playing with all of the new birthday toys. I love scooping up a random kid running by, who is not necessarily my own, and giving them kisses, only to set them down as they run off squealing. I love that the people in the room, have seen me at my worst, yet still love me, despite my character flaws. And I hope that I can remember to show the the grace, that I know they show me when I'm less than tolerable.
Family is an amazing thing. Lets not take it for granted.
Happy 4th Birthday Rene'! Your mom loves you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Man, 2 days stuck in the house due to a nice little snow storm and I was ready to venture out. Granted, I had no choice, I did have to go to work, but still. I bundled it up and drove my 28 year old little white Toyota Camry to work. That car is my baby. I seriously didn't know you could love a car. Let a lone a 28 year old one. But I do. Andy and I bought it the first year we got married. Its been paid off for over 10 years, and been to Wyoming and back. This wasn't going to be a post about my love for my car. Moving on.

I had an awful run today. I could not get there mentally. All my little self pep talk tricks were not working. For starters, I was stuck on the treadmill at work. I started my whole little running career on the treadmill, and now, I can barely handle it. I have a window to look out of. I guess I shouldn't complain. There is this big field and then some apartments in the distance. Great view, I know. (sarcasm font). And most of the time, I try to focus on this flag pole in front of the apartments, and zone out to the music. But today, it wasn't working. Just white everywhere. I had to walk a minute a couple of times, just so I could get through. And then I quit 5 minutes early. Ugh. Did I just say that out loud? Never good to say you quit. I did not finish strong. And to top it allll off, as I got into the shower, I noticed the water was not getting warm. So I stood there for 3 minutes, still not warm. I was sweaty and still had half a day to go. So I plunged under and back out enough times to soap down and rinse off. Lets move on. again.

So Rene's bday is next week. But the big party is Saturday night. Just a bunch of family members. But she doesn't know any different, yet. So this afternoon, it hits me. Its Thursday. I have 2 days, to pull off a birthday party. Uh Oh. Panic sets in. What in the world did I do on my 2 days off due to snow, you might ask? I can't really remember. There was lots of sleeping and eating.

Whew. Thursday, I bid you adieu.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowed in!

And this is how we deal.

No work for me today or tomorrow.

I was a baking fool.