Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I think I might have a post titled this every month. Does that say something about me? There was this time, not so long ago, that I used to get up and run at 445 in the morning. I'd have to say, I was highly motivated when I did that. Today, I'm pretty sure there's not anything short of a vacation that would get me out of bed at 445.

At Thanksgiving, we went to Colorado to spend it with Andy's family. I had this brilliant idea that all my brothers and sisters in law should come down to Oklahoma and run the Memorial Half Marathon with Andy and I at the beginning of May. I had visions of us all at the starting line, wearing our matching tshirts, ipods in, ready to make a memory. So I pumped them all up, told them I'd send them the training plan, and promised a good time. Well, 2 of the sisters in law have since gotten pregnant, so their out. But Andy's brothers are in. Now here we are, on the other side of 2 weeks with snow on the ground, and my motivation to get on the treadmill at work is nonexistent. Week 1 of my training plan went well. Week 2 which included snowstorm #1, ended with me completing one day of a brutal mental battle on the treadmill. And now we're at week 3. Its looking a lot like week 2.

I'm a girl who doesn't like to miss a party. Especially one that I've planned. It looks as though I've got a motivation problem. Now. What to do to fix it.

But I'm the one who had this bright idea. It somehow seems cruel that I'm not on board.

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  1. So been there! My workouts are horrible right now, and I blame it on the lack of good weather. Let me know if you find a motivation fixer. I haven't even signed up for my first race this year, which is supposed to be in 3 weeks!