Saturday, April 23, 2011

Big Plans

Oh I always have SUCH big plans. Big plans of things I'm going to do. Its always been a problem for me. Planning big, and unable to follow through. I seriously have the best of intentions. Intending to send that card in the mail to that friend who needs a word of encouragement. Intending to write that blog post every night detailing out my wonderful vacation (I got through Day 1, pitiful, I know). Intending to sit and read to my girls when they ask, call my grandma to check up on her, oh the list could go on and on and on. Sometimes, my own agenda is my downfall. My priorities can seem so noble at one moment, and then I look back on them, and wonder what in the world I was thinking. It usually produces a self lecture that I wish I would write down. Because I'm pretty sure I'll be giving it to myself again, and I might as well just post it on my bathroom mirror and read it every day. Why is it sometimes some things seem sooo important at any given moment, and then later, so not. It will probably always be a struggle for me. I really do want to do everything I feel I need to, exceed everyone's expectations of me, and never look back at any regrets. Its not now, and when I do get there, because I'm going to keep trying, I'll let you know.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 2 in DC

So we started this morning waking up early. Within minutes of coming upstairs, saying we were ready, we had downed some cereal with freshly made almond milk, compliments of Traci, the sis. She had packed Andy and I a lunch. We printed out a Metro map and jumped into my brother in law, Rob's vehicle and he dropped us at the nearest Metro station and said have fun. So Metro cards and map in hand, Andy and I tried our best to blend in with the morning commuters. Which wasn't hard. You could hear a pin drop on the metro. No one said a word and they did 1 of three things, sleep, read the paper or a book, listen to music, or stare straight ahead. Oh, that's 4 things. So they did one of 4 things. We started off our morning at Union Station. I loved this place!! After browsing the Barns and Noble there, we had coffee and some breakfast in a cafe and people watched while we discussed what to do with our morning. We stayed there an hour or so and then headed back onto the Metro to find our way to DC cupcakes. We mapped out a stop that was closest to Georgetown and started walking. We crossed the Potomac river by way of walking across a big bridge to the cutest college town ever. This is a pic of Georgetown
There were runners galore, and the flowers around were beautiful. We were dying to go for a run. Perfect weather - around 63 with a slight breeze. Andy with some tulips.

We ended up here!!! At Georgetown Cupcakes (a.k.a. DC Cupcakes, where the TLC show is filmed). I was giddy.
Me, standing in the line. It was only 30 minutes, so not too bad!!

One of the workers was gracious to flash me a smile while I took a pic. That's where they are assembling every one's orders

After we walked the town and perused some shops, we packed our cupcakes back down to the river to eat, along with the lunch Traci packed.

My cupcake, the hummingbird. Banana cake with pecans and a banana cream cheese frosting sprinkled with pecans and a blue fondant humming bird.

So. stinking. good.

Andy with his chocolate hazelnut cupcake. It was good, but not as good as my hummingbird!!
Some of the cherry blossoms! They were still blooming!!!

After lunch we metroed back to a station where my sis picked me up, after she had picked up our dad at the airport who is joining in on the weekend fun!!! Now Rob is cooking up some burgers on the deck, Andy is sleeping, and I'm going to go sit in the hammock.

Till tomorrow.....

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Andy and Amy do DC

Day 1 - first day of vacation!!!! Andy and I are in Washington D.C., to visit my sister and her family before they move to Germany next month. We almost brought the kids with us, but neither of us has been to DC and its a short trip so we are going to do some major power sight seeing. We started the morning at 415am to get to the airport on time to catch the first flight out. We are flying standby due to Andy's generous uncle who is an employee of the airline. But with that deeply discounted ticket, comes going with the flow. Now, I can switch gears and go with the flow when needed. I'd rather have a concrete plan, but if thats not possible, I can roll. Andy, well....yeah....not so much. We got super lucky though, and got on all the flights we initially wanted to. So I touched down in 4 different states today. We've enjoyed a nice dinner from my all organic, natural sister (homemade pizza with fresh veggies and goat cheese, salad and smoothies with vegetables and fruits I can't even pronounce). But don't worry, tomorrow we're slated to hit Georgetown Cupcakes, made famous by the show "DC Cupcakes", among other landmarks. I'll keep you filled in with pics throughout the weekend! Early to bed for me. Traveling zaps the energy.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Things you could have heard in my house this week: Paige: Mom, I think you need to ask Zak to forgive you for yelling at him Zak: (while watching Wipeout) Mom, they wont let her use sign language, they just keep covering up her hands with that thing that says censored. Me: Zak, put the book down and go to sleep Me: I need a vacation, like bad.