Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A cold shower

I am a self proclaimed morning person.  But it really is true.  So if I decide to get up at 445 in the morning, and work out, its hard, but I can do it.  Then people say things like "your so crazy, how can you do that?"  But to put it in perspective, if you asked me to go take a run at 8:30 at night, I'd think you were crazy, because I really need to be in bed around 9:15. 

So I got up at 440 this morning, to head to work to do some interval work on the treadmill.  I love the fact that barely anyone is up, but I am.  That is one motivation for me to get up early.  Its that hour or so that it is literally just me, before the world wakes up.  So I join a select few in the fitness center for some sweat and introspection.  I was successful in pushing myself, which doesn't always happen, so it was a good workout.  Now when you finish a good workout, the shower is something you really look forward to.  And I'm ok with showering in a locker room.  I have all my stuff, and my flip flops, so I'm good.  Now today, I get in my fav shower, and realize, the water is not getting warm.  Now our showers at work have been known to not have hot water - and its happened to me at lunch before.   But I"m able to take a half shower then - a jump under, jump out, soap up, jump back under kindof thing.  But that is not possible when I am needing to shampoo my hair.  So I took a deep breath, jumped under, and got it done.

Now that is not my idea of a good start to my morning.  Even a morning person has a hard time getting up at 440am, for the record.  But it was the start to my Wednesday.  I don't know about you, but maybe, sometimes we need that cold shower, just to shake us up a bit.  I've had my turn.  Tomorrow, its a nice warm shower at home.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


You know its bad when they've changed the layout of the entire blog website.

Sooooooooo.  How's it going?  crickets.........

I won't bore you with all the millions of reasons as to why the poor blog has been neglected.  Lets just move on.  Get past it.  And jump right into ...FALL!!!

So this week at school, the kids have "Book Character Day".  I'm pretty sure the idea is that they get to wear their halloween costumes besides just trick or treating.  If you do that kind of thing.  But not for my kids.  Not only are their halloween costumes, not from a book, but they were having no part of me trying to work them into book character day.  So I got to come up with not 3 costumes, but 6.  So we've got Fancy Nancy, Amelia Bedilia, and Frank Hardy.  Then we're going to have twin kittens, and the tin man.  It should be adorable, if I can just pull it all off, and I'll be sure to post pictures....for the crickets.  Ha!