Monday, July 28, 2014

They should pay me

I'm married to a man who will not wear any clothes with a brand name visible - except maybe Outdoor Research.  He says they don't pay him to advertise.  And he really kind of has a point.

Today though, I'm giving a shout out to my new fav product.  Its the Bolder Band.  I tried to find a picture of me looking super cute in my Bolder Band, but I'm not too fond of posting a picture of myself all sweaty for the Internet world to have forever.  So below is one from their website.  I just don't understand why I don't look that cute while exercising.

Bolder Band, your Facebook advertising worked on me.  I love my new Bolder Band.  Its my favorite thing to wear when working out.  You can make it small, or large, as shown above.  And they have a whole bunch of super cute patterns and colors.  I got a black one.  I am the queen of cutting edge fashion.  The plus of course is that it they are made in the great state of Colorado.  Chacos, Bolder Bands, Colorado what will you come up with next??

So if your tired of those bangs getting in your face, or those short flyways that won't stay put, or your just a headband kind of girl, this is a perfect fit.  I'm going to go all out and get another one, and this time, I'm going to get crazy and get hot pink!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Me and the girls.

My high school reunion is this weekend.  Some people have bad High School experiences, some have good.  I remember some bad, but really the good outweighed the bad.  Mainly because of the friends I had.  So I happen to dig up this little treasure.

Look at us.  We haven't changed a bit.  HA!!

I'm the one on the left.  The shortest of the group. Sigh. I always wore the highest heels to make myself taller at events like Prom.  But I had to!  Look at my tall svelte friends!  (Its a trick I still use today).  

Next to me is Jamie.  Jamie and I were inseparable.  She was head cheerleader, goofy as all get out, and we would laugh so hard our stomachs would ache.  She had a lake house and we spent so many weekend driving the golf cart all around Lake Eufaula and practicing cheers on her trampoline. She's the one who taught me how to water ski. Jamie has the most beautiful children I've ever seen, and still looks like she's 18.  We started a business together a year ago, and we are still best friends today.  

Next to her, in the middle is Julie.  Julie was the athlete. She was amazing at basketball, as I'm sure you can tell by her height.  Julie has a heart for kids and has fostered/adopted 6 other kids besides her own 2.  She might be up to 7 at the time of this post.  She has a heart of gold.  I love that about her.  She and Tiffany would do the craziest things, and not care who thought what of them.  And thats how it should be. 

Then there is Tiffany.  Tiffany was the most uninhibited of the group.  Always talking us into doing things that were crazy in the name of fun.  She was always late.  And she drove this Ford Mustang that was purple faded to white.  She hosted all the slumber parties. Tiffany became my college roommate, where our roles were switched.  She was a pre-med major and I was always trying to talk her into not studying to have some fun.  She never listened.  Which is why she is more successful than me.  Tiffany is one of those friends who you know will be there for you forever.  You usually can't get ahold of her, but when you do its like no time has passed.

And over on the other end is Jill.  Jill was always the most sophisticated of the bunch.  Always calm, cool, and collected.  But she'd go along with some of Tiffanys wild haired ideas.  We both loved music and could sing a killer rendition of "More than Words" by Extreme together.  We rocked Jodeci in my car often.  She was by far the smartest of the crew.  And was wise beyond her years.  I tapped into that wisdom often.

I still keep in contact with all these girls.  I treasure their friendships.  There is nothing like having someone know you so well, tell you the truth when you need to hear it, and encourage you through the toughest of times.  If you don't have a Jamie, Julie, Tiffany, or Jill, I hope you find one and hold on to them.  Your life will be richer because of it.  And if you do, go tell them how thankful you are for the years of friendship.  Its rare.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Thank you October in July

The weather this past weekend was un-believable.  In July the norm is 100+ degree temps.  I think its one of the reasons I really could pass on summer.  Well, I take that back.  A month would be nice.  Then I'll take the gradual cooling fall brings.

So the mid morning 60's prompted our clan to head out to the lake to do what we love to do.  Be outside.  Its like my perfect weather.   We all have your perfect weather, you know.  Where you walk outside and are like, now this is an amazingly beautiful day.  Andy and I strapped on the running shoes while the kids took their bikes for a long spin.

Once we settled into our running rhythm, we found ourselves plotting for the future.  It wasn't planned.  I don't like to talk when I run.  I need to focus on my breathing! But we discussed our short term goals, our long term goals, our dreams.  It became a very deep marital conversation.  I don't know about you but sometimes, we just need to pull over, reassess the route, and maybe go to the bathroom and grab a snack for the road.  That's kind of what we did.  Metaphorically speaking, of course.  We assessed what we love, what we want to be important, and what was creeping in that wasn't important.  Running without your ear buds in can do this to you.  You get all philosophical on yourselves.  It was a rare, but needed shutting out the noise and focus, kind of activity.  Now, had we not had that 60+ degree weather, I would not have done that!  We all ended up back where we started,  parking the bikes, sitting by the water, and watching the kayaks glide.  It was a perfect morning.

When is the last time you shut out the noise and reassessed your route?  Are you headed in the direction you want to go?  Lace up the shoes, leave the ear buds on the counter, enjoy the weather, and check the map.  If  you don't run, then metaphorically speaking, of course.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Pocket candy

It's all about the shopping experience, if you ask me. I need a clean bright store to motivate me to trudge up and down aisles making my purchases. I like the instrumental music playing pop songs so I can entertain myself with a game of name that tune. 

I loathe Wally World. It's no secret. But I also try to get the most for my money. So that means I must take one for the team and go. Recently they built a neighborhood Wally World nearby which is much more tolerable. I need to get in and out of places quick. This is important. Neighborhood stores are much more conducive to this than super centers. And here is another tip I'll give you. If you go early, it's just you and the senior citizens. 

Today was a morning trip to the Neighborhood grocery. And it was the usual crowd of sweet little elderly couples doing their grocery shopping. But today, there was this little old man who came up to us and with a big smile and no words he handed us both a piece of candy. Neely and I smiled and thanked him and walked off talking about how cute it was. We'd see him sporadically walking the store, randomly pulling out a piece of candy from his pocket and passing it along to an unsuspecting shopper.   As we were checking out, he met up with his wife who had finished her shopping and they left the store hand in hand.  He was still passing out candy in the parking lot. 

It made me think on the drive home how I missed my grandad who left this world when I was in high school.  How it's the little things that can make others smile. And how he probably got a kick out of passing out that candy to the cranky teenager gathering the carts in the parking lot. When I'm 85 and doing my early morning grocery run at the neighborhood market, I am totally filling my pockets and passing out candy. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Power Tools and a little Patience

You know those people, who actually make the things that are posted on Pinterest?  I am not one of them.  I so desperately would love to be one of them.  But you know how God passes out talents?  I didn't get that one.  Now if you need me to create a budget spreadsheet, I'm your woman.  I will have formulas all over that excel spreadsheet, and make sure it ticks and ties, and looks pretty too.  And I'll actually have fun doing it.  Its how the world goes round.

You know how you marry the person who is your opposite?  Yeah, I did that.  When I need something done, I need it done, like now. He doesn't seem to get that.  Gasp!  So when I asked him to build me a flower box to put on my fence, because I was tired of looking at the fence, I knew he'd do it and do an amazing job.  I'd just be waiting on it.  And I did.  But it was worth the wait.  He made me this super cute cedar window box.  And he even bought me fresh herbs to put in it.  And I used them for dinner tonight!  It was a Martha moment.

Shout out to the man who is amazing with the power tools, has taught me patience (well, its a process), and happens to be my husband.  I love my handmade cedar window box!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Charlotte's Web is such a sweet endearing story for children.  I'm sure the author wrote it so we would all love spiders.

My great uncle got bit by a fiddle back last year.  Sidebar: one time, one of my kids called him Aunt Lewis and now we all call him Aunt Lewis.  I love it.  Anyway, it was in his bed.  Bit him in the chest, caused all kinds of problems and took months to heal.  It was a scary ordeal. They live on a farm.  But still.  Made me just a little creeped out.  Now my husband, on the other hand, he is the king of looking for spiders.  Even before the fiddle back incident.  If someone yells "spider, a big one!" in my house, he comes running with his flashlight to analyze the kind and how dangerous it is to us.  We get a lesson on the type of web the spider makes and its distinct features. Most of the time, its the small house spider, that eats the ants.  We keep those. Those blasted ants!  I can't get rid of them in the summer! The wolf spiders, I can't handle those so they get the big stomp.  But if we find a fiddle back or a black widow, the day is shot.  He will be in the garage, mixing up the bug killer, and won't stop till the mission is complete.  Yesterday was one of those days.  He found a black widow while doing yard work.  And it was a mama  that has a belly full of babies I'm sure.  And at our house, if you get caught, and your worthy, your final resting place is the freezer.  Right next to the rattlesnake skin, and the brown recluses in a jar.  That's where this one ended up.  Once he froze a large tick.  Got him out of the jar to give his science lesson to the kids, and once it warmed up that tick started moving.  I kid you not.  We no longer freeze ticks.

So I guess maybe, once the middle school science fair rolls around, we'll pull her out and see if she recovers.

I never liked Charlotte's Web.  Its sad.  

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm baaaaack!!!!

Did you hear the voice infliction on that title?  I hope so.

Blogging.  Its like this thing, that I just have in me and I have to do it.

So what have you been up to the past 2 years Amy….ohhhhhhh A LOT!  Full time corporate job gone (how did I do it so long?), I have a tan, started a little side biz with the HS BFF.  That stands for High School Best Friend Forever, for those who didn't know.  I didn't lose my very hip usage of acronyms in my 2 year absence!

Ok, so new format.  Food/Family/Fitness…thats how this is most likely going to go.  For all you 30 somethings that are right where I'm at, I so hope you will find me a kindred spirit, imparting all kinds of nuggets that I steal from others right here.

So I'm holding up my water bottle (Sparklin Ice, lemon lime flavor to be exact) and toasting you to many new days in the blogosphere!