Monday, March 16, 2015

Whats been happenin'!

I've neglected the ole blog.  Shame on me!  

This is what my kids do when it snows.  They play in the snow, and then they wrestle on the trampoline.  And I say, more power to you, dear offspring.  Get that energy out any way you can!

Its Spring Break Week!!!  One of the things I love about my kids getting older is that they actually sleep in, or they actually let me sleep in.  My secret is to set out everything they could possibly need for breakfast on the table the night before.  They just wake up and help themselves and I've got another good hour of sleep. Thats a JFS tip right there.  It will change your life.

Over the weekend we headed to McKinney to visit my bro and his fam.  It just happened to be McKinney Trade Days, which I loved.  I scored this cute chalkboard, and took a pitiful stab at chalkboard art. And I scraped the side before I even got it home.  I'm still displaying it - perfection is overrated.

This week will be full of a little work, a lot of play, and me getting spring cleaning fever and making everyone organize their rooms.  I love spring break!!!

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