Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall...I heart you

I really don't understand those who don't just love fall.  I mean, we can be friends, but we will never connect on a deeper fall level unless you don't just love it.   The changing leaves, the brisk air, the chia, coffee, or hot cocoa, the pumpkin everything.  And of course the crackle of the fireplace.  Ahhhh...

Oklahoma can put a damper on my love for fall, mainly because when it doesn't show up by September 1st, I get frustrated.  And when it's still not around by Oct 20th (82 degrees today, really????) , I get downright mad.  But thank goodness for fall decorations.

Here are a few of the fall touches that make me think it's fall outside when the weather tries to tell me otherwise.

The mantle.  You know what I love about mantle's?  They are so versatile.  And you can do absolutely anything you want with them.

The glass pumpkin.  I have a friend whose house always has a glass pumpkin filled with candy corn and peanuts.  She was kind enough to gift me with my very own.  If you ask me, absolutely everyone needs a glass pumpkin with some sort of candy corn in it for it to be fall.

Mini pumpkins.  Whoever came up with these...I am in love.  Serious mini pumpkin love.

Now light the pumpkin candle and enjoy FALL!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

An Ode to Carson

Aren't we all sooooo tired of mom's saying, "I blinked and he/she's 5, 10, 15 years old".  Want to know why people say that??


Let me tell you a little bit about Carson, if you don't know him personally.  As a kid, Carson was that kid who got so excited about everything! If he was at someone's birthday party and they were opening presents, it was like he was the one opening presents he would get so excited.  He's a rule follower.  He can do 1000 piece puzzles in a few short days.  He loves legos and his room is officially a lego shrine.  He likes basketball, soccer, movies, Lego anything, and his dog.  He lets his sisters get to him a little too often, but he secretly loves them. He is the Whirly Pop master, popping us all popcorn every single evening.  And my favorite thing of all is that he loves the Lord.  I love watching him grow into a teenager and become his own person.  I love that I can still lay with him at night and hear about his day.  I love when I hug him and he adamantly protests, but doesn't make a move to leave.

Happy 13th Birthday Carson!!!!!!