Monday, February 22, 2016

Rookie Middle School Mom: Chapter 3

You just never thing it will happen to your sweet little boy.  You don't think he could become someone with attitude, eyes that roll, and snarky comments flowing from his lips.  But I'm here to tell you - it does.  There wasn't a little boy sweeter than my little Carson.  So fun loving and excited about everything that came his way........

This is what I experience from my "sweet" boy now - as evidenced by our car ride this morning to school.

  • Proclomation that he will not be taking his siblings to school when he is 16. (Um...thats in 3 years, and yes, yes you will. ) 
  • Proclomation that he is sick of his sister's musical choices on the radio and ear buds promptly insterted into ears.
  • Proclamation that he should be the only one to sit in the front seat because he is the oldest.
  • Proclamation that he needs yet more money for some upcoming middle school event.
Bye bye sweet Carson, hello cranky, entitled teenager.

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  1. Thirteen is one of the hardest years! It gets better. Promise. At least he's not driving yet!