Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Letting Karly be Karly

I've worked for some micromanagers in the corporate world.  And it's miserable.  I'm fully capable of completing tasks without detailed direction and instruction.  I've silently, in my head, told them to step back (thats the nice internet version).

So as a mom, I will be the first to say there are times for micromanagement.  And I do it.  Probably more than I should. But, there are also times to let my fully capable children complete tasks without detailed direction and instruction.

Yesterday,  Karly wanted to bake.  She wanted us to go to the store, pick out the ingredients and she wanted to bake.  All by herself.  So in the spirit of kaboshing micromanagement - I let her.  I let her little creative mind go crazy in the form of cupcakes.  And look what she came up with???

Micromanagers: you might miss out on this - if you don't step back - Creativity, personal growth, a future Food Network star, and delicious treats.  

Make that application any where in life you need to.

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