Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Pioneer Woman, her store and two super fans.

About 10 years ago I stumbled upon this food blog called "The Pioneer Woman".  It just might be where my interest in blogging was peaked.  The author, Ree, lived on a ranch in rural Oklahoma and cooked food I wanted to cook. I had my hands full with 3 kids under the age of 5 and I needed to get lost in photos of  pretty food and ranch life a few minutes of the day.  A couple of my friends and I quickly became "fans".

Fast forward to today.  I met the author of that food blog.  I've met her before, at a book signing a few years ago, but today was extra special because it was the opening of her new store, The Mercantile, in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.


And, Bethany, who also shares the love of all things Pioneer Woman dropped everything and went with me

Now, before I give you the recap, I want you to know I fully realize there is an annoying amount of "selfies" from myself and Bethany.  We got a little caught up in it all. But you have to understand, this is Food Network Royalty here.  We had to document ourselves with them on this momentous day.  #sorrynotsorry

Upon our arrival one of the first people we saw was Ree's super cute father-in-law.  He is cowboy to the bone.  (I secretly heart cowboys.  Like a lot)


We arrived around 10:30 to find no line at the deli, and 30 minutes left of the breakfast menu.  Now listen closely.  When you go, you have to go for breakfast, and you have to order the Crunchy Croissant French toast.  This is not optional.  I'm not kidding.  Heed. This. Advice.

You can also eat things like the Cowboy Burrito and wash it down with a pretty lavender latte.

We lucked into watching some filming of some sort where Ree's daughter was giving a tour of the Deli.  She just happened to start right at our table and was kind enough to indulge us with a photo. (Thats right, annoying photo bombing lady in the back, I'm getting my picture with Paige.)

Then onto The Mercantile!  The store is adorable, with something for everyone. I could have spent Andy's entire paycheck, but I refrained.  We stood in line to get our pic with Ree and say hello.  Then we painstakingly narrowed down our purchases and headed upstairs to check out the bakery and second floor.


We spent quite a bit of time right here, watching the bakers in her bakery making up a batch of her delicious cinnamon rolls.  I could have pulled up a chair and sat there for hours.


But alas, we had to bring our visit to a close. And as we were about to leave, we ran into Ree again!  So what did we do?  We scooted right behind the two women who beat us to her! I, of course, apologized for double dipping in the "to see Ree" line, but she told me there were no rules at the Mercantile so it was alright.  And she happily signed my cake plate.


We are kindred spirits I tell you.


If you don't know who Marlboro Man is, I'm surprised your reading this because it means you are not up to speed on all things Pioneer Woman.  But I'll fill you in.  He's The Pioneer Woman's husband, Lad. Anyway, we ran into him and Bethany snagged him for a pic.  

And then on our way out to our car, we saw her youngest, Todd, who was happy to join us for yet, another selfie.
  He's as cute in person as he is in this pic.

It was a perfect day for two friends who have talked Pioneer Woman recipes for 10 years.  We made memories, and plans to go back.  
Thanks Pioneer Woman!  For the amazing food, cute purchases, and pics!  

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